Silver Screen Society

Silver Screen Society {Hero}

Silver Screen Society is the brainchild of  Trevor Basset and Brandon Schaefer. Each month they choose a film and gather designers/illustrators to create a piece of artwork based on their interpretation of the movie.

Back in May I was lucky enough to be selected to do my interpretation of the Movie, Hero. From IMDB : "One man defeated three assassins who sought to murder the most powerful warlord in pre-unified China." Whoa. Kung-fu movies are not typically my genre of choice, but as I always say, I love a good challenge. 

So we rented the movie, and I took notes and sketched as we watched it. This proved to be difficult, since there were subtitles to read, but that's what Pause and Rewind are for, right?

Throughout the movie, I was very moved by all the colors. I seriously considered doing a rainbow-themed poster that would represent all the colorful scenes, but in the end I decided to focus on red and black - very dramatic. Arrows had a big role in the movie, so I wanted the page to be thick with them. I added a bit of texture in the background by scanning in an ink wash - I thought it tied in the painted calligraphy that was prevalent in the movie.

There's a lot of symbolism that I tried to incorporate, but at the same time, keep it simple. 

This was fun. Hopefully I'll get the chance to do another one!