Dante Terzigni

Today I'd like to share some work from an illustrator out of Cleveland, OH : Dante Terzigni.

I love the tactile quality of his illustrations. Combining grungy textures with the geometric shapes of his figures creates an almost collage-like feel to his work. The earth tones complement the punches of saturated color, making these pieces extremely eye-catching. Gorgeous.

Check out more of Dante's work at his blog.

Other than being extremely inspired by Dante's illustrations, not much new to show. I've been sewing more Fuzzies, which I'll post soon, and working on bike stuff again. Today I had a chat with one of my artsy friends, and now all I want to do is create things! I have a few projects that have been on the backburner, but after talking to her, they might actually get done sooner than later! One is my first reupholstery project - a chair that I bought at a garage sale last summer. The other is a felting project. Yes, felting. Which is funny, because I BARELY have any knitting experience, and NO experience felting, why not take this on? That's emily for ya.

Have a great weekend,