Exploring Materials

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about different ways I can color my illustrations. Most of my latest drawings have been inked by hand, but colored in Photoshop. Photoshop works well, and it's fast and easy, but I feel there is something missing with them. Drawing for me is such a tactile gesture; to bring it on to the computer to colorize it seems almost backwards. So I have been exploring different ways to color my illustrations which don't necessarily involve the computer.

The above drawing was done a few months ago, but it is relevant to this post. My mom, also an artist, has a huge collection of Copic Markers which I had been itching to try. This drawing is colored using these markers. They're lots of fun, and even have blending capabilities. The problem is, there are WAY too many color options, and obtaining the entire collection would be a huge investment. They do offer starter sets, but it is nice to hand-pick colors.

Last week, I ordered a gouache set to try. Gouache is basically a more opaque watercolor paint. I used gouache back in college, and loved the painterly quality, and the rich colors of it, so I thought it could be what I'm looking for. So in addition to all the other projects I have, I've decided to add experimentation to the list!