Headachey Day

So, the last couple days have been pretty yuck for me. I've had this headache; and while it's not completely debilitating, it's just bad enough to really drag me down. It's unfortunate, because I was really looking forward to starting some new projects this week. The down time of the last couple weeks has been great, and it's given me a chance to focus on my sewing, but I really thrive under the pressure of lots of projects. This headache is making it so hard to get motivated!

As you can see above, I finished 3 more Fuzzies for inventory - I'm now up to six - wow! I've never had so many in my stock pile. And, I've finally made some dog ears that I like. Up until now, most of my dogs ended up looking like rams, with curly, horn-like appendages. I think these floppy ears are the best yet - at least they remind me of our hound dog's floppy ears... :)

And though it's not really a creative morsel per se, I wanted to show off my new fingernails. It's been a while since I've painted my fingernails, mainly because I'm pretty rough on my hands and the pretty color never lasts long, but I was feeling Spring-y and decided a little color would be nice. I have to say, they are so cute, and they sprinkle little bits of happiness throughout my day. (And believe me, with this headache, I'll take anything). Even sewing has become more fun, because the color is constantly flashing as the needle does it's job. I may have to stock up on some more candy colors!