It's Gouache Time!

Today I finished my first gouache painting since 1998. It was WONDERFUL. Definitely more tedious than drawing and Photoshop coloring, but so true to my hand. I have to admit - it took me a bit to remember how much water to use and I totally blocked on coming up with a color scheme, but once I got into my groove, it was amazing. So meditative.

The painting ended up being our 2010 Easter card. I know I said my first SCREEN PRINTING project was going to be our Easter card, but I'm still waiting for one supply I ordered to arrive. Since it isn't Easter yet, I can't reveal the whole painting, but I thought a sneak peek of the bunny wouldn't hurt.
And here is my 5th JCrew illustration of page 012. Since the model was wearing a gingham scarf (my favorite!), I decided to play around with the pattern and run it straight through the background.