JCrew Illustration#2

Phew! Thank goodness for Friday. This has been one crazy week. I don't think I've ever had so many projects / clients to juggle at one time - it has taken major multitasking and focus to pull off all these deadlines.

And even though Stephen has been gone for several days, and we miss him terribly, his absence does work in my favor. Usually I'm so torn when he's home in the evenings - all I want to do is hang out, watching movies, whatever. And even if we do settle down for a movie, I usually have a Fuzzy in my lap (not for snuggling...to sew, of course!). The rare occasion when I choose to forgo the sewing, my mind is constantly thinking about how I should be sewing. I just can't relax and enjoy myself! So, I guess my point is that when Stephen is gone, there is no temptation to hang out with him - and when I'm ultra busy, I get much more accomplished.

Even though the projects are piled high, I'm still trying to make time for my personal stuff. Here is my latest JCrew illustration #2 - page 006. This one was quite challenging because of the angle of her face. But it was also fun because of the flowing dress, the flowing hair, even the flowing limbs.

Today I received this adorable little screen print by Jane McDevitt
in the mail. What a way to brighten an otherwise grey and foggy day! Some day I'm actually going to frame and hang all the wonderful prints I've been collecting the last few years...

You can find more of her work at Maraid Design.

Have a great weekend!