March Madness

It's that time of year again - March Madness! I'll be honest - generally I don't follow much basketball. Stephen is a pretty big sports fan, and I really don't mind watching sports, but I'd prefer to watch MY teams. So if I do catch a game, it's the Badgers.

Every year during the NCAA tournament, our friend invites us to partake in his bracket challenge. It's free, so I figure, what the heck - I'm not going to lose anything, and it gives me a reason to watch some of the games. A lot of people take the brackets pretty seriously, but since I don't follow college basketball, I really can't make educated picks. So I have pretty random reasons why I pick certain teams. For example : I really like the orange color of Tennessee. Or I like Gonzaga because it reminds me of Gonzo, from the Muppets. I always favor Big Ten teams for round 1, regardless of their ranking, and I always choose one to go all the way to the Final 4. I like Marquette, because they're a Wisco team, and I favor Iowa schools because Stephen lived in Iowa for a while. This year I picked Pitt to go all the way because Stephen is from Pittsburgh.

Well, remarkably, this year, my picks were doing fairly well! To the point that I've been in first place among our friends for the entire weekend. Crazy! And boy, when I'm doing well, competitive emily shows her face. Not that I've been watching a ton of the games, but I've been glued to the computer to check my status. And when Pitt was playing today, I was freaking out, considering the fate of my my whole bracket was riding on this one game. So I decided to draw to channel my nerves a bit, which is where the above illustration was born. The Badgers had already lost, so my W flag was down, but Pitt was still alive (though barely). And by the time I finished my drawing, my champion fell. So sad.

In case anyone cares, I do still have two teams in the Final 4: Ohio State and West Virginia. I'm ranked 200,000 out of 4+ million participants, so that makes me feel pretty good, but it's not going to last long.

Ho hum,