Miscellaneous Day

It has been a kinda weird work week for me. Generally, Stella goes to the sitter M-W-F, so those are my work days. And I try to dedicate most of those days to Schwinn, since they're my main client and biggest project. But now, since I finished the bike line earlier this week, Wednesday and Friday seemed so OPEN. I've actually been struggling with the lack of structure. You'd think I'd be loving this freedom, but for someone who is so used to the constant barrage of projects/deadlines/chaos, the absence of that one huge project is really throwing me for a loop.

Don't get me wrong - it has been wonderful. Especially since it's been freakishly warm outside, it has given me the chance to get outside and play in my garden. And I got the opportunity to buy the rest of my screen printing supplies. And I've been able to clean up some administrative work I've been sitting on for a while. Oh yeah - and I've been sewing like crazy! Here are this week's Fuzzies:
I've even started churning out Fuzzies for my inventory! That really makes me excited. At some point, I'd like to actually have product in my Etsy shop, or I'd love to partake in the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. That would be amazing. Until then, I'll keep sewing, and at some point, hopefully I'll meet my goal!