New Illustration

Here is the latest J Crew Illustration, from page 11. All I have to say is what's up with the tight-rolled pants? Is that scary trend from the 90s coming back? Though, I have to say, I was an expert tight-roller back in the day, even advising my friends how their rolls could be better...In fact, I specifically remember one day after school - I think I was in 7th grade - sitting on my friend's bed, teaching her the art of tight-rolling, listening to Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy". Ah, those were the days.

Back to 2010. I haven't had much to show the last few days, as I've really been taking advantage of the [slight] down time to hang out with the family more. It's been awesome! Yesterday I got the last of my screen printing supplies, I'm picking up my glass tomorrow, and then the screen printing adventure will officially begin! I'm hoping my first print will be Easter cards, which doesn't leave me much time, but I love the pressure!