Polaroid App

lovely tulips

Chloe the dog


The Bucky Badger I had as a little girl

Stripey socks - I LOVE stripes!

My little monkey, Stella

See these cool Polaroids? They were taken with my iPhone. I discovered an App that can make any photos you take with your phone look like Polaroids - complete with the shaking. It's pretty cool actually. You take your photo, and it "downloads" onto your screen all grey-ed out. Then you shake, shake shake your phone as the photo slowly appears. It automatically has the border and the super-saturated colors so it looks like the real deal.

I know, I know - this isn't even close to the real deal, but I have to say, I had a lot of fun taking photos all over my house today. The poor dog had to endure a lot of modeling because no one else was home!

And today...I finished the Schwinn bike line! Wow. What a great feeling. And even though I've been designing the bikes for 6 years now, this is by far my favorite line. I wish I could post some designs. But, alas, they won't be rolled out into the stores for another 6 months or so. Oh well.