April Already?

Wow. I can't believe it's April already. Though, with today's weather, it may as well have been the middle of summer. It was so warm! We slept with the windows open last night, and waking up to the birds singing has to be one of the best things.

I'm especially excited about summer this year because Stella is finally able to play outside. Seeing the world through a toddler's eyes is going to be just amazing - I can just feel it. Yesterday she found her first bug. To us, that's nothing. In fact, we'd probably never notice it. But to Stella, that little crawling creature could have been the only thing on the planet, for all she cared. She eventually ended up smooshing (sp?) it, but up until that point, it was super cool!

Back to the art. This week I started researching concepts for the Schwinn catalog. This project will encompass a lot of my time over the next few months, so I won't have anything to show for it. In my down time, though (ha!), I'm still going try to draw, sew and screen print. Here is my latest JCrew drawing. I have to say, it's probably one of my favorites so far, probably because of the hat. It's my first fedora, and thankfully I ran across this link earlier this week, so it was very helpful!

We're leaving tomorrow for a long weekend, so there won't be any posts for a few days.
Have a hoppy weekend!