First Print!

Hooray! A print! Finally, everything that I've been working towards the last 5 months has paid off. I actually got a halfway-decent print in my screen printing shop yesterday.

This print is taken from my 3.5 minute screen I posted earlier. It's not perfect, but it gave me something to compare future test prints. And I was happy to see that even though the linework is slightly blown out, I was still able to achieve pretty good detail in my illustration. For comparison's sake, I burned a 4-minute screen last night to test, hopefully later today. My hope is that the detail will be crisper.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that I got this big step out of the way. And even though it had been 5 months since my last class, once I got started in the process, everything came rushing back - to think I was worried I had forgotten everything.

The last couple days I have been brainstorming Fuzzy screen print ideas. My plan is to apply for the Renegade Art fair next month, submitting not only Fuzzy stuffed creatures, but Fuzzy art prints, too. I'd like my entire booth to be Fuzzy themed, with something for everyone. And now that I actually have a working screen printing shop, I feel like the Fuzzy art prints are feasible!

Woo hoo!