The Green is a-Growin'

Once again, I've been inspired by all the new growth that's sprouting up everywhere. I promise, once everything is full-grown, I'll stop obsessing; I just really love this time of year. It is so hard to believe that after months and months of dormancy, and being covered by inches and inches of snow, these plants still explode once we get a few days of sun and rain.

Today I took a break from my work to enjoy all the growth around our yard. I took some photos, though I definitely do not claim to be a photographer. The camera in hand just helps me take it all in from a different perspective, and notice things I wouldn't otherwise.

This weekend also marks a first for me: Stephen and Stella took a little trip sans Mommy. They left early this morning, and it is now sinking in that they're not going to be back for a few days. It's so quiet here - thank goodness for Chloe and Rothko (the dog and cat)...

Their daddy/daughter trip is giving me an opportunity to get lots done. Lots and lots! And hopefully I'll have lots to show for it.

Go, weekend!