Slow Days

It has been a slow week here, creatively. Other than the catalog, I haven't had a lot of time to make stuff. Which is unfortunate, because I really need my creative outlets to keep me going. Hopefully, when life settles down again, we'll fall back into our routine, and the projects will start flowing again.

This morning I picked up the scarf I started knitting 4 years ago. I left it in such a way that I could *in theory* pick up right where I left off. Unfortunately, I could not remember how to knit. So I picked up a couple books from the library, and was able to knit 2 more rows! I feel like I'm all thumbs, but hopefully that will come back to me once I practice some more. The impetus to knit again is because I'd like to make Stephen a felted yoga mat bag. There is a woman at the gym who has one, and when I asked her if she'd make one for us (we'd pay her, of course), she basically laughed at my face. So, I guess it's a good reason for me to figure out knitting again, eh?

Above you will see the Fuzzies I've completed over the last couple weeks. I changed my owl slightly, so now it has actual wings and long spindly legs. I think it's kinda cute!