Stella's Kitchen

One of my goals is to integrate more creative projects that aren't necessarily work-related. The felted yoga mat bag is a good example of one of these projects. I feel they are great opportunities to keep me fresh, and to learn other techniques and methods. Plus, it keeps me out of creative ruts.

Since the weather has turned, I've been on a mission to get some fun outdoor toys for Stella. In the midst of one of my craigslist searches, I came across a cute vintage kitchen. It wasn't exactly what I was searching for, but it was so cute I couldn't pass it up. Especially since Stella has been so into her "cooking" of late. After I picked up the kitchen, it became obvious that the front sliding doors were a bit sticky. I had a hard time sliding them, much less Stella. So I figured in order to avoid a lot of frustration, I'd take off the doors and replace them with classic gingham curtains.
Above you will see the before and after of Stella's kitchen project.

Have a great weekend!