Knitting Monday

Monday was a big day for our family. Stella had eye surgery, so lots of time was spent at the hospital. She did awesome, but was pretty groggy and crabby as she came out of it - understandably so! It is amazing what a trooper that kiddo is - it definitely makes our job as parents easier!

With Stella taking really long naps, I occupied my time watching over her by working on Stephen's yoga mat bag. On Saturday I had visited our local yarn shop to get a quick lesson on knitting in the round - a key component in knitting this long, tube-shaped object. After a couple hours working with the shop owner, I felt fairly confident that I could continue on my own. And yesterday, during Stella's recovery, I knit 15 rows. Woo hoo!

Now it just looks like a head wrap. So I guess if the whole yoga mat bag thing doesn't work out, I can always produce head wraps! Stay tuned for more 15 rows I get to start a new color - exciting!