Nina van de Goor

Today I'd love to share a bit about a wonderful artist, Nina van de Goor. As she introduces herself on her blog, ninainvorm, Nina is "...a 27-year-old Dutch student and (interior) design, art & craft lover & maker. [She's] all into vintage and contemporary ceramics, both collecting and making". Doesn't she sound like a woman after my own heart?

My favorite thing about her work is the oh-so-happy color palette. Though it's mostly primary, the way she layers the colors in simplistic shapes harkens back to gumballs and jellybeans. And I love how she makes vintage pieces new again by adding her delightful designs.

Ceramics are her first love, but she also dabbles in collage, screenprinting fabric, and even a bit of sewing (with the help of her mother-in-law). Check out her shop to see what she'll come up with next!

Thanks for the wonderful work, Nina!