Purl Stash Basket

I know, I know. I don't need any more projects. I'm busy enough.

But when I came across this Sewn Stash Basket tutorial from The Purl Bee, I knew I had to make one. There are a couple reasons I justified this new project: 1) I really needed something convenient to carry my new knitting project. 2) The only real sewing experience is my Fuzzies, so I thought this would be a great way to learn a new technique or two.

The instructions weren't difficult, but I made it harder because I didn't buy enough fabric. (Doh!) So instead of a 12" basket, mine ended up being a 9" basket. It was my first experience with using interfacing, and now I know how to hide raw edges. So I did learn something!

And you know what? As I was knitting on the couch, with my new knitting basket next to me, Stephen said, "That's so cute...it's perfect". And here I thought he was going to tease me...