Racing Rabbit

Today I finally got a chance to work on one of my new Fuzzy-themed screen print concepts (thanks, Stella, for taking a 3.5 hour nap!). My plan is to present two print styles: the monster prints will be bigger, will be ultra colorful and have some fun patterned backgrounds. The animal prints, on the other hand, will be more illustrative, each depicting some of my favorite Fuzzy stories.

The illustration above shows Fillipo, from 2009. Here is the corresponding Fuzzy, to help jog your memory:
"Fillipo raced for years on the Italian Formula 1 series, but he struggled to break through and win because his bunny ears stuck out of the car and caused a considerable amount of drag. Instead of having ear-reduction surgery, Fillipo decided to retire to a quiet life away from the track and in the crib of his new best friend."

I'm getting really excited to start printing these. I haven't been working in my print shop for several weeks, because I've been so busy with other work. But the Renegade application is looming, so my goal is to print one animal print and one monster print. Hopefully between those two print examples and a few Fuzzy samples, that will be enough to represent what my Renegade booth will be - super fun and funky!