Applied for Renegade

With the print shop finally up and running, I was able to finish the 2nd of 2 prints I was submitting for the Renegade Craft Fair. This second print was quite the challenge, though.

I was planning on incorporating a gingham pattern in the background, but the thinner lines were giving me problems. I wasn't sure why these lines were being so difficult, since they were about the same weight as the lines in my previous print. But boy, were they stubborn. Finally, after 6 tries at different exposure times, I finally got one that was close. It's still not perfect, but I figured this was a good learning experience for me - and I've already fixed it.

This was a fun print because I was printing on some super-cool colored paper. I can't wait to print the other designs!

Here are the photos I submitted: 2 regular Fuzzies, 1 mini Fuzzy, and 2 screen prints, one of each style. I feel these are a good representation of my work. If I get in to the fair, and time works in my favor, I'd love to make some buttons, stickers and cards utilizing the Fuzzy theme.

Go, Team Fuzzies!