First Official Print!

...And it's finally happened - I completed my first official screen print in my basement print shop!
I gotta tell you - I was pretty nervous to take the plunge and start printing a REAL print. Test prints are one thing - if I mess 'em up, it doesn't really matter. But the official prints are going to potentially be sold, so they have to be great.

Here are some photos throughout the process:

Pulling the 3rd color - my setup

My setup, different view

After the 1st color, all the prints laid out to dry

After the 2nd color - it's coming together!

And, finally, the finished prints, all lined up, nice and purdy.

Voila! Finished print : Fillipe, the Racing Bunny

On Friday I realized the Renegade application deadline is actually the 11th, not the 18th, like I was thinking. Agh! That means I have less than a week to pull everything together. But now I have 1 print in my pocket, and I'm going to do one more to represent my printing half of my booth. I already have several Fuzzies that I can submit, so there's not a problem there. This is so's all becoming so real!

Does this mean I can consider myself a printmaker now?