Madison Multisport T-shirt

For the past few years I have gotten the opportunity to work with Cindi, over at Madison Multisport. Cindi is the coach, dedicated to motivating the team towards the goal of participating in a triathlon (or two). I have been working with Cindi since the inception, helping her with the identity of MM, including designing all the team kits (jerseys/shorts).

This year she asked me to come up with a design for a casual t-shirt that not only the team members will sport, but also their fans. Cindi gave me free-reign, simply looking for something that would be fun, and exhibit the team's colors. I decided to go the illustration route, focusing on a way to not only represent the 3 facets of triathlons (swim/bike/run), but also give a little hint of Madison.

The result was a whimsical depiction of the triathletes tackling the waves of the open water and the rolling hills of south central Wisconsin, complete with the State Capitol in the background.

Now, thanks to the t-shirt, Stella and I are now official "TEAM SUPPORT" (as it says on the backs of our shirts).