Summer Veggies

Summer is here!

There are many reasons I love summer, but one of my favorites is fresh, local veggies. This year, we are once again partaking in a CSA from Middlebury Hills Farm. A few years ago, before I even knew what a CSA was, though I liked vegetables, I wasn't very adventurous. Now, with Stephen constantly expanding my culinary horizions, and the inclusion of the CSA boxes in the summer, I am so excited to try new veggie-based foods. Last week's box was particularly pretty, so I felt inspired to draw some of the produce and practice my gouache skills, as seen above.

Stephen is the cook of the household, so he made some fun recipes with the new box: Quinoa with Carrots and Dill; Radish/Onion/Chicken Tortillas; and Swiss Chard/Bacon/Cheddar Quiche (though I'm not an egg person, so that last one kinda freaked me out). We also got a quart of fresh strawberries, so of course, Stella went to town on those, being the fruit girl that she is.

Now if only my garden would grow. The tomatoes and peppers are doing great, but half the romaine didn't come in, the green beans got sheared by some critter, and the peas look a little sad. I think I'm going to try re-planting some of them and see what happens. At least I can depend on the CSA!

Have a yummy Tuesday,