Art Fair on the Square

This weekend is Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin. It features over 450 artists who set up their booths around the capitol and showcase their wonderful work.

Every year we make a point of perusing the booths - there is a lot of talent out there, and it is great to get to see it all in one place. This year was no exception. We braved the heat (temps were hovering in the upper 80s), filled our bellies with shaved ice and cherry lemonade, and set out to explore the art.

We ended up taking home two items: Stephen purchased this great little upcycled journal from The Binding Bee and I bought myself this wonderful necklace from skosh design. Though the items themselves are awesome, the best part was getting to know the artists. They travel to Madison from all over the country and they are wonderful people! We were so happy to support them.

Some of my other favorites were: seven smooches, Dolan Geiman, anthony hansen and Photographs by Cali