Cable Sweater

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a swell weekend? We ended up taking Stella to her first Brewers game - it was a blast! I haven't actually been to a major league game since I was pregnant, so I was extra-excited. And boy, did we have a great time. I think the key is being surrounded by people who are cool with having a 2-year old in their vicinity. Stella made friends with all the people around us, so when she decided to drive her little car across the backs of their seats or onto their laps, they were actually cool with it! Oh, to be 2 again...

Onto my creative life - tonight I was feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps (I had a rough critique earlier today and Stephen is traveling for work), so I thought what better way to make myself feel better than to draw. So I whipped out my new favorite Harper's Bazaar article and started drawing. Again, the panels of color and stark shadows in this composition are to die for. I think I'm going to start incorporating this idea into some of my original illustrations.

I thought the cable sweater was going to be a challenge, but once I figured out the pattern, it was pretty slick. It looks so makes me want to knit again! (One project at a time, emily!)

And here is the original for comparison:
Bring on Tuesday!