Harper's Inspiration

Now that I am in full concept mode for Schwinn bikes again, I raided the magazine racks at my local bookstore for some fashion inspiration. I picked up the current issue of Harper's Bazaar and was totally blown away by the "First Look at Fall" article on page 133. The shoot was photographed by Camilla Akrans, and I wanted to draw EVERY SINGLE PAGE immediately. The color blocking. The stark shadows. The geometric shapes. Every page was my ideal composition. I love drawing the female form, and the work of Mark Rothko is a huge artistic inspiration; these photographs seemed to combine the two perfectly. Ahhh. So beautiful. 

Yes, I am going to illustrate them. I know I'm technically just drawing someone else's art, but they're so wonderful, I can't resist. So here is the first one, with the original magazine page immediately following. 

Have a creative week,