Home Ec

Yesterday I signed up for an online Home Ec class. It is being taught by Leigh Ann, Rachel and Courtney - 3 ladies whose blogs I love.

I am super excited about this class, because I am finally going to learn some sewing basics. Yes, I sew my Fuzzies, but that only entails a straight stitch all around the perimeter of my project. If I play around with the little knobby-thingy, I can create a zigzag stitch, but I've only used that on my hangtags. So the idea of being able to put in a zipper...or create a button hole...just blows my mind!

I've had so many ideas in my head for simple sewing projects : tote bags, pillow shams and curtains, but I've been clueless how to start them. Sure, I could probably figure it out if I put my mind to it, but it would probably be the wrong way, and may just end up falling apart after some use. 

After I saw their post announcing their online home ec class, I didn't need to think twice about signing up. I knew this was exactly what I needed, and what a great forum! It would be taught by amazing people, and I'd be able to get to know some other people out there in the creative world who are just like me. And the projects sound wonderful - they'll start simple, and will gradually require more skills and be more complicated. We'll be making everything from cloth napkins to a pencil case, from a skirt to laptop case, and top it all off with a quilt. Plus, they'll be teaching us other practical skills, such as creating our own patterns, hemming jeans and reading commercial patterns.

Wowee! I think I need to find some more vintage fabric for all these projects!