Lake Mills Art Fair

One of the things I love about summer is all of the local art fairs. Last weekend was Art Fair on the Square in Madison, which is by far the largest in the area, but the small-town art fairs are just as fun. Plus, I can generally afford more at the smaller fairs... :)

Yesterday we headed over to Lake Mills, Wisconsin, for their art festival. I always enjoy this one because of location - it is set around the perimeter of the town square (actually more of a triangle), surrounded by big ol' shade trees (welcome relief for the 90+ degree temps) and accompanied by live music on the stage of the big gazebo. They even have a kids' art section where they could paint, build sculptures and get their faces painted. Stella got a flower painted on her cheek, and boy, was she a proud little girl!

A very talented artist, and a good friend of mine, Amanda, had a booth at the Art Festival. She was showing her paintings and mixed media pieces from her littlebird-art collection.I adore her style. First of all, many of her paintings feature birds (a favorite), but her sense of color and subtle collaging add depth and detail that I can't get enough of. I really wanted a painting, but just couldn't make a decision between two, so after getting Stephen's second opinion, we finally decided on a completely different painting - and I love it!

The painting on the left is what we finally decided to buy, and I think it's going to find a home in my office, so I can look at it ALL THE TIME. The moleskine on the right is for Stephen, a gocco print of an atomic owl. 

Today, to complete the local art fair tour, we're heading just a mile up the road to the Mount Horeb Art Fair. Hopefully I'll have more wares to show y'all soon!

Happy art,