An Ode to the BLT

If you were stranded on a deserted island, with only one food to eat for as long as you were stuck there, what would it be? My answer would be the B.L.T. (bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich). 

It's the absolute perfect food, in my opinion. You have the bread - grainy, starchy, it will fill you up; the bacon is fatty, DELICIOUS and a good source of protein; the lettuce is roughage to keep your system in check; the tomato is a whole lot of juicy goodness, and it's packed with vitamins; and the's a yummy fat that ties the whole sandwich together.

Since I work from home, we usually keep the house stocked with the BLT ingredients, and I eat one of these puppies several times a week. The summer is especially wonderful for it, because I can get the veggies straight out of my garden - and it makes a huge difference. There's nothing like a fresh tomato to top it all off.

 tomatoes from our garden

This week I started harvesting tomatoes from our garden, so the BLTs have been next to perfect. (Our homegrown romaine is a little too mature - it's getting a bit bitter, which is what's keeping my sammies from being absolutely perfect). I guess this is why I'm feeling inspired to post about them. Mmm. I can't wait for tomorrow's lunch!

yesterday's BLT - doesn't it look delish?

Happy Friday!