Paddle Boarding

Today's illustration was inspired by our family's trip to Devil's Lake last weekend. Stephen met up with some of his training buddies, one of which brought her standing paddle board. Stella was having a great time wading in the lake and playing on the beach, but it was suggested she try taking a ride on the paddle board.

Well, they tried it out, and I think it is safe to say she really enjoyed it...considering she threw quite a fit when we took her off. Who knows, maybe she's taking up a new sport?

The illustration was done in gouache and ink. I'm still playing around with the whole gouache thing. I like it for it's instant color, but I feel like I treat it more like true watercolor. Oh well, it's fun nonetheless.

Other than that, there's not a ton new here. The Schwinn catalog is out of my hands, and I am anxiously waiting to see the printed version. And now that I've finished that project, I have started concepting for the 2012 Schwinn bike line. It's crazy - I feel like I just finished designing for 2011!

Speaking of bike designs...I should probably get back to work.