Cool Lion

Today I've decided to share a new illustration - Cool Lion. I'm not sure what the plan is for him, but I liked how he turned out. Though, I don't think Stephen gets my last two drawings [Lion and Zubaz Bear]. The whole pants-on-animals thing are weirding him out. Oh well.

So...Guess what I bought yesterday? A new sewing machine! I've been contemplating a new one ever since I started sewing the Fuzzies last year. My original machine was bought at the last minute, shortly before our wedding, when I decided (much to Stephen's chagrin) that I wanted custom table runners on all the banquet tables at our dinner. I had never sewn before, so I figured I didn't need anything fancy. I ended up buying a super-cheap Shark model at Target thinking I wouldn't be using it much beyond the wedding. Which was true...until Fuzzies came along.

I honestly can't complain. Even though I spent hardly any money on it, it held up surprisingly well the last couple years. I only yelled at it every other day or so. But when the opportunity came along to take this Home Ec class, I figured maybe this would be a good time to upgrade. So yesterday, when buying last-minute supplies at JoAnn Fabrics, I went for it and bought a new Singer:
Talk about waiting until the last minute, though! This afternoon I started playing around with it, and I have to say - it's pretty sweet! I can't believe how quiet it is. And it has an automatic needle threader! Ooo. Anyways, tonight I'm going to attempt the bonus project - a pin cushion. I will be sure to post pics of this exciting journey.


I feel like Suzy Homemaker!