Home Ec - 2nd Project

Well, I finally finished Home Ec project #1 : Single-sided Napkins and Double-Sided Napkins. For being an environmentally-aware family, I am embarrassed to admit we still use paper napkins at meals. So seeing that project number 1 was cloth napkins, I was stoked - this could be the motivation I need to "green" up our lifestyle even more. 

I got a whole bunch of fabric from local thrift stores that I figured would be great for these Home Ec projects, but unfortunately, none of them would work well with our red kitchen. So even though these napkins are cute in their own way, they really don't match our decor. Such is life, right? Anyways, the yellow napkins are from vintage pillowcases and the purple ones are just thrifted fabric.

There were two types of napkins - single-sided, with just a simple stitched edge, and the double-sided with the added ric rac. Since I'm behind in my projects already, I had gotten wind through the rest of my classmates that the ric rac proved to be quite challenging. Boy, were they right. It involved some tedious sewing! But in the end, I think they are pretty cool.

The double-sided napkins are a bit thick, so I think I'll end up using the technique to make place mats or table runners. When I make more napkins for our "green" lifestyle, I'll make the single-sided ones, because I think they're better suited for our needs.

One thing I've discovered about sewing since this class has begun is that there is A LOT of ironing involved! For someone who doesn't iron much (who me?!?), this is a big adjustment. My iron is probably wondering what's going on, considering it hasn't gotten much use since it was lifted out of the box on our wedding day. Not sure I like all the ironing, but if it's a necessary part of the process, I'll have to learn to love it!

Hope y'all are having a splendid weekend. My In-laws are in town, so I don't think I'll get much creative time. That's okay, though - I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately because I've been working hard, so this will be a well-deserved break.