Home Ec - Bunting


Today I have Home Ec Project #4 : Bunting to show y'all. I thought this would be the perfect decoration for Stella's room. It's funny, her walls are pretty bare for having an artist for a mommy. I have a painting about 25% complete down in my studio, and lots of prints that need to be framed, but unfortunately other projects always trump Stella's decor.

If I wouldn't be so darned insistent on making everything myself, there would probably be more decorations in her room. But every time I see something that has good Stella potential, I think to myself, "Why would I buy that when I can just make it myself?". And then I never end up making anything. Does anyone else have that problem? Geesh.

So when I saw this bunting project for class, I figured this would be a great opportunity to actually MAKE something for Stella's room. And since it was an "assignment", I had to do it, right?

Of course, I made it in my favorite color combo (red and turquoise), but it actually matches her room really well. Her walls are a lime green, but all the accents are turquoise or red. And I went with a classic polka dot fabric to match her red polka dot pillow and comforter. Even though the red circles aren't perfect circles, I think they give it some character.

And Stella likes it, too! Her exact word: "Ooo!" with her mouth in a cute little "O" shape.

Today I'm feeling next to perfect. Therefore, I'm actually having a productive day! It feels so good to get some work done. And guess what? I have lots more to do, so I'm gonna fly.