Home Ec - First Project

Class is now in session!

As you probably know, (since I've been mentioning it non-stop for the last few weeks) I am enrolled in an online Home Ec course taught by Courtney, Leigh Ann and Rachel. On Tuesday, class officially started with projects being posted daily. The first project (actually a bonus project!) was a pincushion. 

It utilized a simple quilting technique that made good use of scrap fabric. I actually had some scraps in some awesome prints that I've been saving for the perfect project, and they were too small to use for Fuzzies. This pincushion project gave me the perfect opportunity to use them up!

The actual dimensions were supposed to be 6" x 6", but since one of my scraps was still too small, I decided to alter it a bit to suite my needs, hence the rectangular shape. But I still think it turned out pretty good!

Considering it's Thursday, obviously I'm already behind on the daily projects. But that's okay, since we have a full year to finish them. Though I'm so excited, I'd like to churn them out fairly quickly.

Oh, and I should note: The above photos were altered using a great Photoshop action from Rita over at her CoffeeShop blog. She has so many great actions/tutorials on her site, most of which create a vintage-looking effect on photos. I've been playing around with some of them, and they really create some interesting looks. Check it out!