Home Ec - Supplies Roll-Up

Yay - Another Home Ec project! 

I was very excited for Project #5, the Supplies Roll-Up, because I'm constantly throwing a fistful of drawing pens in my purse or bag when I go out, then end up eventually losing all of them. Now, with my nifty new supplies roll-up, I can just fill it up with all my drawing instruments and be good to go!

I was also looking forward to using this super-cool oil cloth that I had bought at the Home Ec Workshop in Iowa. From what I've found, oil cloth isn't the easiest to come by, so when I found some as cute as this, I had to snatch it up before I wouldn't see it again. The inside fabric is some recycled cotton from a friend, and I thought it complemented the polka dots quite well. 

The project was pretty straightforward, but the most challenging part was the nature of the oil cloth itself. Since the good side is so sticky, it was next to impossible to move through the sewing machine as I sewed it. I finally ended up laying it face-down on a piece of tissue paper and sewed it together. The tissue didn't cause any friction, and I was able to tear it all off fairly easily when I was all done. Here are a few photos of that process:

What's interesting about my problem is when I emailed one of the instructors about the issue, she had never heard of such a thing. Weird! Maybe I just have extra-sticky oilcloth, but I don't know how people DIDN'T experience it. There was no way I was going to be able to sew the oil cloth without the tissue. So if there are any Home-Ec'ers out there having the same problem, this worked great!

I'm trying to finish up a logo project for another client, so I should probably get back to my "real" work. Take care!