Going to NYC

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I have been hard at work putting together my new product line. I am so excited to share it! 

I have so many things in the hopper right now: Schwinn bikes, the new product, several new Fuzzies for a couple charity events coming up in October and Home Ec projects. And I can't help but think that Christmas is just a few months away. Stephen was pushing me to get my holiday cards done in August this year so we could actually enjoy the season...but the way the projects are piling up, it will most likely be just as chaotic as the past years. Sorry, Stephen. I'm trying...

My new doodle is inspired by my trip tomorrow - New York! I'm pretty excited. My sister and I are going for a baseball vacation. We're seeing a Yankees/Red Sox game Sunday night and Brewers (go Crew!) / Mets game Monday nights. And then the rest of our trip will be spent SHOPPING! Not that I have any money to spend...but a girl can't go to NYC and not shop, right? And now that I'm into the whole knitting/sewing scene, I cannot wait to visit Purl SoHo. Though I'm trying not to think about how much $$$ I'm going to drop there. 

Wish me luck navigating the public transportation system. Hopefully I'll have lots to share when I get back!