Home Ec - Curtains


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Surprisingly, we had NOTHING going on, so we were able to relax and chill with the family. The weather was kinda dreary, so it made for a cozy weekend. It was wonderful.

Today's post is about my latest Home Ec project - the curtains! We had a choice of either the more traditional ruffled curtains or a more modern grommetted curtain. I went with the grommets because I really liked the clean look of them.

I purchased this retro-inspired pear Robert Kaufman fabric, since the curtains were going to hang in our kitchen. The colors would complement the red walls perfectly! For the most part, I thought this project was pretty easy, though I made some major mistakes along the way.

First of all, even though I had intentions of making only a valiance (not full curtains), I still split the fabric into two panels. And the funny thing is, I never even noticed my mistake until I was hanging them and realized there was no need to "open" them. Ugh!

Then I somehow miscalculated the folds, because the ends are supposed to point towards the wall, and mine point out. Though, I don't really mind this mistake because the cupboards sandwich the curtains and you can't really see behind them anyways. But what really confuses me, is that even when I went back and read the instructions several times I still can't figure out where I went wrong. Oh well.

And lastly, I think the pattern is upside down! I remember consciously thinking about the orientation of the fabric but I saw the pears went both ways. So I thought it was multi-directional. Then after it was hanging, I saw that MOST of the pears are upside down. Only the orange pears are right-side-up! Oy.

Despite all of this, I still really love how they turned out. They bring some color into our kitchen and they help cover up the unsightly hole that's in the ceiling above the sink. And, I had enough fabric left over to make 8 napkins to match!