Home Ec - Ironing Board Cover

The next project in Home Ec was the ironing board cover. I believe I've mentioned this before, but I really dislike ironing. I can count on one hand how many times I've ironed in the last 5 years, since we got a fancy iron for our wedding. But as I'm discovering, ironing goes hand-in-hand with sewing. 

I guess it makes sense. Trying to square up wrinkly fabric will throw the measurements off. Ironing makes that more accurate. "Ironing is the glue of sewing", says our wise instructor, Leigh Ann. She's right - it makes hemming a whole lot easier when we press the hems first. So I guess I have no choice to accept the fact: I will be ironing a lot more from here on out.

Though I wasn't ultra excited for this project, I am doing my best to complete the projects in order. I picked up this pretty fabric to replace the boring striped cover on my board and set to work. This project was a quick one. I learned to finish edges with a zigzag stitch (similar to what a serger would do), and learned how to work with elastic. It was actually fun! And I feel elastic is one of those materials that is incorporated a lot into sewing projects, so this was a good skill to have. 

I clipped up the cover and, voila! A pretty new ironing board. And I have to say, since I completed this, I've been actually enjoying ironing a wee bit more.

It's funny how bringing a little "pretty" in can make an otherwise mundane task that much more satisfying.