Most Wonderful Meal EVA

Okay, so this isn't a typical post for Bluestar Bloggery. But I figured I could justify the lack of making by taking a few photos to help me tell my story.

Though there's not much of a story. I just wanted to share photos of the most wonderful meal I think I've ever had. Really.

Stephen's birthday was a couple weeks ago, and per the usual, I wanted to do something special for him to celebrate. I read about a neat little dining experience over on the Art Wall Blog, so I decided to check it out. Stephen is quite the Foodie, so when I read about this somewhat secret "restaurant", I knew there was no way he had ever heard of it. He is usually one step ahead of me, so this was my chance to impress him!

And boy, were we ever impressed. Not only was the food (all 7+ courses) out-of-this-world, but the atmosphere was amazing. We were able to walk through the gardens a bit before the meal, where we sampled some fresh golden raspberries right off the bush. There were chickens roaming and beautiful metal sculptures decorating the path. Once it got dark, the mini lanterns, candles and a clear sky full of twinkling stars illuminated our meal. The experience was truly magical.

Happy Belated Birthday, Stephen!