Home Ec - Bib (and Purl SoHo!)

Hello! I'm back from fabulous New York City, but unfortunately my to-do list is miles long and the blog posts aren't taking priority. I figured I'd do a quick Home Ec update to prove I'm still alive.

Here's the next project on the Home Ec list - the quilted bib. This was a quick one, but I really enjoyed it. These will make nice baby gifts, because they're fast and make good use of fabric scraps. The new skill we learned was applying bias tape. I love how the tape finishes the edges and gives another hit of color. I think the tape was supposed to be wider than what I ended up buying, but I like the proportion of it to the relatively small bib. Though it was quite the challenge keeping it even on both sides and only having a 1/8" seam allowance! 

A quick note about NYC - I ended up visiting Purl SoHo, and it definitely lived up to the hype! I didn't have a plan before I went, so I just got really overwhelmed and wanted everything. The yarns were gorgeous, but it was the fabric selection that blew my mind. They had a whole wall of Liberty of London fabric! I don't think I've ever actually seen any real LoL fabric, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was so soft, and the level of detail in the patterns was crazy! Someday, I'll do a project with LoL fabric. I will. I did buy a whole bunch of amazing fat quarters and fabric scraps, and a fun piece of bike-themed Kokka Fabric for my laptop case Home Ec project. I think I have a new love...FABRIC!

Purl SoHo fabric (Liberty of London is on the right)

The Kokka fabric I bought for a future project
Everyone have a great weekend! I'm hoping to play a little catch up with my L-O-N-G to-do list.