Home Ec - Resized Dress

My next fun Home Ec project was resizing a dress. Some of the other girls in my class found the cutest muumuus and dresses to alter, but I didn't have much luck. So I settled for this striped number. I figured I could practice on this one, then when I finally find a real gem at the thrift store, I'll be more experienced when I fix that one.

One challenge I had while shopping was determining the potential of the dress. I've never done anything like this before, so I wasn't sure of the qualities to look for (beyond the obvious color / print). Since I am still a relatively new sewer (is that a word?) I can't take on anything too difficult, but what's difficult? I wish I had a list of things to look for that would guide me in finding a dress with the most potential.

The original dress was HUGE and it had shoulder pads. Yuck. I really like the style of shirt dresses, so I found a few styles on the internet and used those as my inspiration. I ended up hemming it up about 7 inches (maybe a wee bit short, considering it rides up a lot when I'm sitting. Note to self, always have a spare sweater or jacket I can lay over my lap when I'm feeling especially drafty...). I took in the sides a couple inches and the sleeves about an inch.

The alteration went smoothly. I rolled up the sleeves, added a little belt to give it more shape and voila! A cute little dress! Though it's still a bit wide in the shoulders, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Now I feel I'll have a lot more options when I go shopping, knowing I am capable of making it fit my shape better.

Back to work. Have a happy day!