Cycling Fuzzies

Hello! Remember me?

Wow, it feels like it has been a really long time since I've been here. Don't worry - I'm not slacking - it's just the opposite. Lately, computer time = work time. That means no blogging, no drawing, no blog-reading. Boo. 

Even though I've only been running on about 6 hours of sleep, the excitement of these projects keeps me motivated. Schwinn is in full gear, and I've been rolling on setting up the decal artwork. I finished screen printing, cutting and scoring our holiday cards, and now Stephen takes over with writing and addressing them. (Isn't he an amazing husband?!?) I'm currently in the middle of the biggest custom Fuzzy order ever (7!!!), and it is easily the most meaningful order I have done. I just sent off my first Plush Team project. And I have a new illustrated animation in the hopper.

I wanted to post some of my latest Fuzzies. October ended up being a big charity month for me, with 6 Fuzzies going out to various local events. I was very honored to contribute to these wonderful organizations. The above 4 Fuzzies were custom-made for the Saris Gala, and event to raise money for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. To make them even more appealing, I cut up several of my bike jerseys to outfit these four. It was my first experience with this mesh jersey material, and I have to say, the slinkiness of the fabric wasn't the easiest to work with - but in the end, I think they turned out pretty cool.

And these two were a special order traveling all the way to sunny San Diego.

Once all of these big projects are complete, hopefully by the end of the month, I'm going to start working on some fun holiday ideas I have jingling around in my head. Usually I am so busy during December that I don't really get a chance to truly enjoy the season. I'm hoping this year will be different.

Yeah, right.  :-)