First Wearable Knit Hat


Right now, here in lovely Wisconsin, it is snowing. A LOT. And I figured what better time to show you my latest project: a reversible knit hat! 

Now this isn't my first hat attempt - I tried one a few months ago which was intended for Stephen, but it ended up so small that it barely fits on Stella! It's pretty funny, actually - I think Stella's stuffed animals are getting more use out of it than anyone else. Oh well. If you at first don't succeed, try, try again. Right?

Right on. So for the second attempt I used the same pattern but loosened my stitches slightly and I added about 3 extra inches. And I think I was overcompensating, because now it's a bit long for Stephen, but at least his ears are covered! 

And the yarn is a lovely Malabrigo. Isn't it pretty? Even Rettie the Fuzzy likes it!

Stay warm,