Home Ec - Pillow Covers

Though I haven't been working on Home Ec projects at all (boo), I had completely forgotten to post about this project I did back in October. The lesson was making a pillow cover with piping, and I decided to make a new dog bed for our hound, Chloe. For the past year she has been sleeping on an old comforter, so a nice, attractive pillow would be a welcome addition to our living room's decor.

I folded the comforter up and used its dimensions to determine the size of the pillow. The bottom of the pillow is a chartreuse duck cloth, which I figured would be tough enough to handle the abuse of our 60-pound dog. Though, unfortunately, it's light color shows off Chloe's dark fur balls.  

I had no problems with this one - even the piping was pretty easy. I hate to say this, in fear of jinxing myself, but I think I'm figuring out the whole sewing thing! And I'm sure Chloe would agree...