2010 Holiday Projects

Happy snowy Monday! Here in Wisconsin the snow is coming down and I'm listening to the sounds of the snow plow clearing the roads in our neighborhood. I think that is one of my favorite auditory memories. I remember as a child, once I heard the low rumble heading up our street, I'd sprint to the front window and watch the glow of the plow's headlight cut through the blowing snow. The slightly unnerving sound of metal grating on pavement gave me a shiver as the plow tossed piles of snow on the bottom of our driveway. We knew that snow would eventually lead to amazing snow forts built into the drifts.

So, back on track. Today I want to share some of the Holiday-themed projects I tackled for the 2010 holiday season. I didn't go too crazy this year, since I was focusing much of my energies on handmade gifts, but I was pretty excited with how these turned out, nonetheless:

1. 8-pointed snowflakes - Stella and I had fun making paper snowflakes, which we hung in the opening between our kitchen and living room. I think we're going to keep them up all winter, since they're not too Christmas-y.

2. Santa Bird screen printed ornament, which I've already shown on the blog here.

3. Stella's holiday dress - I took one of Stephen's old plain black t-shirts and made it into Stella's dress. I gathered the neckline and sleeves and appliqued some vintage fabric circles onto the front and the back for a little whimsy. She wore it with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, white tights, a black headband, and her shiny black "party" shoes. It was pretty adorable, if I do say so myself!

4. Felt tree garland - Thank goodness for die-cutters, is all I have to say about this project. When I first decided I was going to tackle this one, I was planning on hand-cutting all the fabric circles. After talking to my mom, who is a Stampin' Up demonstrator, she told me the S.U. die cutter would be able to cut through felt. So when I was visiting my parents one weekend, I spent hours sending piles of felt through her Big Shot die cut machine. Then I just sewed a straight stitch through them all, stringing them all together. After it was hung on the tree, I loved the color it brought to the room. I'm hoping next hear to make a yarn pom-pom wreath in the same colors to coordinate.

That's it! 
Have a great week!