Candyland Gallery Show

While the air temperature was hovering around the zero mark last Friday night, that didn't stop the hardy folks of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from stopping by the first-ever Plush Team gallery show opening at the awesome Hot*Pop Shop. The theme was Candyland, and everyone's sweet tooth was out in full force. From zombie gingerbread men to huggable gummy bears to flaming fireballs, the Plush Team was representing! And to top it all off, there was a candy buffet and a gypsy band. It was a glorious night.

These are three Fuzzies I made for the occasion: Cabu, the candy button monster, Spinsu, the cotton candy with super sexy legs and Pebuckly the peanut butter cup. I have to say, since I primarily make more traditional plush consisting of animals and simple monsters, these were a fun challenge! I wanted them to still look like Bluestar Fuzzies, with the characteristic eyes, cheeks and star, but still mold them into some candy goodness.

And some photos from the big night:

Clockwise from top left:

• There were several candy-themed banners made by the members of the Plush Team. My 
  candy cane exclamation point is at the end of "CANDY!".

• Stella and Stephen were entertained by the original life-size Tyler Poncho.
• My Fuzzies, hanging in all their glory.
Stella and I hanging out with Big Bunny and Tyler Poncho.
• The walls of the bathroom were covered with chalkboard paint, so I took it upon myself to
  leave a little Fuzzy mark.

• Some girls enjoying the story of Cabu.
Hot*Pop shop - thank you so much for hosting us! Hopefully we'll be back next year.
That's me, standing in front of my candy creations.

All-in-all, the show was fantastic! It looked great, thanks to Christina and Kaeti. Hot*Pop was a perfect venue for our plush, as the product really complemented each other. Despite the frigid weather, there was still a steady stream of gallery-goers and the music accompaniment was absolutely wonderful. I was so excited to meet some members of the Plush Team, artists whose work I respect so much! And it sounds like Hot*Pop wants us back next year. Woo hoo!

For those of you who couldn't make it Friday night, the show will be up through March 20 if you're in the Milwaukee area. Otherwise, check out all of my other photos here. I tried my best to capture the ambiance of the night and all the fabulous plush pieces.