Holiday Card 2010

Now that the holidays are officially over, I think I can safely share our 2010 holiday card without ruining anybody's surprise. 

Every year, we create a card that depicts our whole family. It's usually Stephen's task to come up with the theme, and then I am in charge of execution. This year, my goal was to screen print the card, so it had to be somewhat simplified. Unfortunately, that also meant cutting the animals out, because it was getting way too busy. Sorry Chloe and Rothko!

The colors also had to be pared down, as had my illustration linework - that proved to be quite challenging, because much of my style is in the details! That meant many failed print tests until I finally got a combination that worked.

My other challenge for this project was registration. Apparently when I cut down the paper to size, they weren't all exactly the same size. That meant even 1/16" off caused major misalignment. So, I ended up registering each one individually to minimize the issue. Even then, it wasn't perfect, but it'd have to do.

It is times like these when I realize I am really still a newbie screen printer. I'm sure there are tricks that could have helped my registration process, but I don't know them, so I just had to deal. Every project I feel like I learn a little more, so maybe in 10 years or so I will be able to consider myself an expert. Until then, I'll have to settle for not-quite-perfection. 

Stephen is also responsible for the poem inside. I really loved what he wrote for this card:

Embrace this wonderful time of year
With snowy fun and winter cheer!
So find the cocoa, get out the mugs
We extend to you, Stella hugs!
The cards were printed on French Paper Pop-Tone Red Hot paper. Man, I love that paper.

Till next time!