Holiday Gifts 2010

I know, I know. It's over a month past Christmas, but I'm still doing holiday-related posts. I *think* this is the last one, so bear with me, okay?

For Christmas 2010, our goal was to give all hand-made presents. And we actually succeeded, save for 1.5 recipients. And that didn't necessarily mean that I made all of the gifts. They could be handmade by someone else, too. (Yay for Etsy!). I was proud that we were almost able to meet our goal, but it definitely came at a price - it is SO time-consuming! I know you're thinking, "Duh, emily.", but sometimes I conveniently forget that little fact. 

Here's the breakdown:

My dad spends a LOT of time at the library, and I know from experience that the pile of books he hauls gets quite cumbersome. So we decided to give him a tote bag for his trips to the library. This was made from some super-soft thrifted fabric that I thought looked "manly" enough for my dad to sport, lined with some grey thrifted suiting. And it includes a Bluestar Star!

Stephen's mom has been dabbling in knitting and expressed she wanted to make a market bag. So I used this tutorial, scaled it a bit larger, and made a yarn stash basket for her knitting projects. I also included a couple skeins of cotton yarn that I like using for my knit market bags.

I made a scarf for Stella's sitter and speech therapist. The main fabric is cotton jersey, and I screen printed the fabric leaves and hand-sewed them on to either end of the scarf. I also added my new screen printed Bluestar Ink garment tag to the edge.

Speaking of knit market bags, I made one for my mom for Christmas. I played around with changing yarn colors a bit and creating some stripes. It's not too complicated, but I'm still a pretty inexperienced knitter and I thought it looked kinda cool!

I've developed a new shoulder bag design (which I've neglected to share), so I made one for Stephen's sister-in-law. I used some totally amazing thrifted fabric that I've been saving for-e-ver. No project was ever good enough to use it on, so I decided, if nothing else, I'll see her often enough, and see the bag so I can continue appreciating the fabric. If it was going to a stranger, I'd never see it again! (I know, I have weird reasoning). Oh - and the striped lining and button are also thrifted.

So that's my Holiday 2010 handmade (by me) gift round-up! Apparently, as I write this post, I REALLY like bags. Can you tell?

I'm off to work on some gifts for next year...
...just kidding...