Off to STUFFED country


Today I am happy to say I sent off my new submissions to STUFFED magazine. This time around, I told myself I was going to get a head start and NOT wait until the last minute. Well, I did start earlier than usual, but I created all new Fuzzies, so I wasn't able to make them as fast as I usually do. (Now, when I say fast, I don't really mean fast - there's nothing fast about hand-sewing...)

Part of being on the Plush Team means participating in challenges. Candyland, though not a challenge, per se, still pushed me to try something new and break out of my box. Up until that point, I had my set "crew" that I always stuck to, and once in a while, usually upon request of a customer, I'd try a new shape. But being on the Plush Team has taught me that I don't always have to stick to what I know. Why not try a different creature? As long as the plush still exhibits Fuzzy-type qualities, then it's still a Bluestar Fuzzy, right?

So for the STUFFED submission I decided to try something new: A new animal, and...people! Whoa. Who would've thunk it? 

Da da da DUM! It's the circus Fuzzies! Here we have Topatty the Trapeze artist, complete with stirrup leggings (!) and Stipelo the Lion being tamed by Blusabi the Lion Tamer.

And my brilliant husband came up with three individual stories that are all integrated. He's such a smarty pants like that.

These 3 circus performers are making their way to sunny California to try out for STUFFED. Let's keep our fingers crossed!