Bramiot and Chiloo

Please help me welcome the two newest members to the Fuzzy family: Bramiot and Chiloo.

Chiloo the Dog:
Chiloo constantly was sneaking out of classes in high school to go down to the music room and mess around with instruments. His parents couldnt stop him, and his teachers barely tried to contain him, so his love of music grew. Then one day he picked up the bass guitar, and was hooked. After years spent playing in funk bands all across the country, Chiloo wants to slow down the pace and find a friend willing to help keep rhythm.

Chiloo was donated to the Merrill Lynch Grand Gala to support the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services. I heard he went to a great home!

Bramiot the Monkey:
It's one thing to be a monkey, it's a whole other thing to be a monkey who loves grass. Bramiot couldn't get enough of mowing, raking and fertilizing, so he begged his way onto the crew of a baseball stadium grounds department. But no matter his disguise, fans ways went bananas when he came out between innings, so now he is seeking a good playmate who is okay with him taking his own turn mowing the lawn.

Bramiot is for sale in the shop and can be found here:

Have a great Monday!